Compare products from different portals at one place. Help and get help from your friends in selecting a product . Follow people and see what they like / buy. Create an online closet. Share products on different social platforms. Get genuine reviews for different products. Find a product with least price amongst different portals.

You become a picstar when maximum number of people add your product in their ticlist.

Once you install the plugin , you can directly add the product from different sites, just by clicking a button.

To compare two products Goto “My ticlist”. Select compare option on product. Select another product to compare to. You can also share the comparison on different social platforms.

You can get rewards on different activities like becoming a Picstar, “help a friend”, “post a product”. The rewards which are being provided to the user is because of the indirect sales occurred from his/her social media account , thus shared in form of affiliate money.

You can help your friends in buying a product by “Tic It” or “Leave It” options, and also can give reviews about the product.

You can Post a Product by following steps: Click on the Post Product option inside My Dashboard Tab, then Open any online Shopping website. Select a Product from that website, and copy the URL of that Product And paste it on your “Post Product” page. Now click on “Pic” button. Now your Product has been successfully posted.

You can remove a product from My collection by: Click on the Edit icon on the right corner of your collection. Then select a product which you want to remove. Then click on the Delete button. Or you can Delete your whole collection by click on the Delete icon on the right corner of your collection.

After Login go to the Account Settings where you can Edit your Profile details and can change your Password using Change Password Button and follow the steps given below: Give your Current Password Give your New Password. Confirm your New Password again. and click on change password button and you will get a message “Password Successfully Changed”.

You can share your product with your friends on facebook, twitter and google+ by following steps: First, click on the product, then click the share button. Login with facebook, twitter or google+. And share your product on any of these social platforms.

You can add products to tic list using “Add to Tic List” button either when you are posting or adding a product in your Collection or when you will click on the product posted by others.

No, once you have added or posted some product you cannot delete it from Trending Products, you can delete it from your Collection only.

On becoming a Picstar your Image will be shown as a PicStar on Picstar page and you can also earn rewards in the form of points which will be redeemed into your account and based on your points you will get some discount on buying any product.

We need to follow people as to get more people on board having same fashion sense and buying tendency in our urge to find the best deal, Best Product and get advised with every move.

By adding a product to your Tic List, you are being updated with the pricing, inventory and best deal available across the webspace with maximum social review.

After “Posting a Product”: Give a name to your Collection. Then, Click on the “Add to Tic List” button.