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Post by Admin, Aug. 5, 2016, 12:59 p.m.

They're the best of times, they're the worst of times. Monday, is one day that fits into this category , keeping in mind the weekend hangovers. But as they say, not all is lost, as you get to play with fashion and take style to work. What to wear to work ? A common question from Monday all throughout Friday and we have all gone , or i should rather say going , through this phrase. Women on formal wear is something that this generation has gotten used to. Plus as far as the choices for women wear is concerned, there is plenty to pick from. So, let me run down few of my tips below, on how not to dress boring to work and getting your creative fashion minds out. The classic look is probably the most common and desirable look to work. This is essentially a pair of pants with a matching cost- Trouser- just a bit above your ankle, shirt and your coat- 3/4th sleeve. But this can turn boring at a point, unless you make sure you wear a statement piece. Or by adding something different along with it. , like a bag, watch , jewellery, etc. The casual look or the jeans look to sound it simple, is actually pretty easy to carry for us all. Top it up with heels and a smart feminine top , a blazer (depending upon the weather) and a professional bag. And yes, you are free to have fun with the accessories and even shoes and bags based on your job profile. The skirt-suit look , comprises a pencil slim skirt along with a jacket. The skirt style can be above the knee, below the knee or up to the ankle . This can be personalized by wearing different tops and can be made colourful with a scarf or a bow tie. Now the next look is the rich look, for the one who can spend good and for those who are not bothered. With those bright lips , sky high heels (posh fabulous ones) and outfits that can go from 9am job to late night dinners. The tip here is wearing rich fabrics, pencil skirts , long trousers , statement necklaces and brand watches. And yes not to forget, perfumes to make you smell good all day long. Flaunt it but only if your workforce allows such stuff One can look sophisticated at work with men inspired look too. The thing here, is to enjoy fashion and wearing atleast one statement piece with your outfit. You can wear your sporty luxe sweatshirts with classy pencil skirts topping them up with accessories. It might be in a appropriate look sometimes, but it is quite the opposite , because it is all about making them work. It is all about having fun. Simple and feminine look is for those kinda girls, who love flirty dresses, tiny jewellery and casual smart at work. Wear those knee-length or over the knee-length skirts , in any colour or print , cinged at the waist amd paired with smart blazers. And you cas sure add your favorite heels to it, to complete the look. MY ADVISE When shopping for office, most women buy their stuff from a same store but what they don't realise that it is the quickest way to look dated. Blazer , is one thing that can give you a cutting edge even on a boring outfit , so this is must have for office wear. And of course, you have scarves amd earrings, that can work in so many different combinations to liven up a neutral suit. And one should avoid clothes that are too tight or too baggy, which can make you look sloppy and out of equation. Remember , wearing the perfect fit and playing with accessories, does boost your confidence at work. Even keep in mind , do not rush to wear the latest trends at work ( unless u work in a fashion industry), as that can make you look funny. Try those trends for your after work dinners and parties. As far as wearing any piece of neckline , make sure it is not lower than 4 inches below your collarbone. Wear your sleeveless tops to the edges of your shoulders and not those spaghetti straps. Dress codes have relaxed at many companies and dressing casual is becoming the norm at work. But people do not understand what this means. You never know when a meeting can pop up or when you need to visit a client and you surely don't want to run through your meetings wearing jeans and a normal t-shirt. So dress smart by carrying a blazer or smart oxfords , to get through the times, when any unforseen meetings arrive. And yes the last and the most important things, make sure you have all your items pressed and as wrinkle free, as possible.